Presenting the Berlin Film Central

I would like to introduce to you a small project of mine. It´s called the Berlin Film Central and it´s a BlogaZine with movie reviews of Latin American, German and off Hollywood films as well as news about the independent film industry in Berlin, all in English. It also features a YouTube channel, where we will showcase filmmakers and film personalities with interviews, making of´s, trailers, etc.

The idea is to give an outlet to films and projects that normally don´t have exposure in other channels. Also to make information available  in English about the film movement in the city that otherwise would only be available in German or not at all.

So if you have a project that you would like to showcase or have it reviewed, don´t hesitate to contact and we´ll take it from there.

And if you want to keep updated join our newsletter here.

I will also be posting some content of the BFC once in a while on this site.

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