October 9th, 2014 by Madhvi

Nina and the Magical Carnival out now!

My children’s book Nina and the Magical Carnival is out in the UK and Europe today!

Nina and the Magical Carnival

Nina has to take part in the school talent show in a few days, and she still doesn’t know what to do!

When her teacher mentions a magical fantasia that could help, Nina sets off to Brazil in the travelling spice shed to find it. There, she has a great adventure involving . . .

a mysterious costume,

a samba parade

and a top-secret mission!

For children aged 7+

Order it from your local bookshop or library or in paperback and eBook via Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, iTunes or (for free delivery) Book Depository.

Feel free to share and if you’d like a signed copy for your kids, nephews, nieces etc., I’m in Berlin, so get in touch!

June 26th, 2014 by xagudo

Andreas Grützner, winner of the March 2014 edition of “ShortCutz Berlin” with “Romy, ich bin Krank”

Director_Andreas Gruetzner_Romy_I`am_shyHow did you become a filmmaker?
I started to make movies in 2002 because I wanted to make a documentary about the life of an elderly man with a mental disability. The film ” THIS IS WALTER ” was then born. I make my films through hands-on training and “learning by doing”


How was ” Romy , I ‘m sick ” born?
Sven Schwartz from the International Short Film Festival Hamburg had asked me if I ‘d be interested in this subject matter. Sven knew my previous films and thought he had found in me the right person to make a film with Jürgen Vollmer. I then met a couple of times with Jürgen and the producer Uriz von Oertzen and then we decided to start the project.life.. he said yes.

How did you finance the short?
“Romy , I ‘m sick ” is the first film for which I have applied for film funding and actually have had the fortune of getting it. My other films were often low budged or, better saying, shot with no budged. But that was also a conscious decision to be more independent.

How did you make the short (Technically, artistically)?Still_Romy_I∩am_shy (8)
I always work in very small teams. At the moment I shoot a lot with DSLR cameras.


Where did you hear about Shortcutz?
My agency Aug&Ohr from Berlin knew the festival and have suggested my film to them. I didn’t know Shortcutz before.

What are your plans for the short?
Currently I am organising the second edition of the short film festival Klappe Auf! (www.klappe-auf.com) and I’m working on two new film projects.



For more information about ShortCutz Berlin visit their site: www.shortcutzberlin.wordpress.com

May 13th, 2014 by xagudo

Jakob Besuch, winner of the April 2014 edition of “ShortCutz Berlin” with “Abdullah”

Adobe Photoshop PDFHow did you become a filmmaker?
From a young age I already felt drawn to pencil&paper and later on to good old flip-books… two things which paved the way to Animation. After graduating from high school, I was hired by a studio which had caught my interest because of their 3D animation environment. Being used to the role of the “difficult child” in school, it was a new and encouraging experience to jump into a field where my skills and joy would carry me. I moved on to a different studio in Berlin which was even closer to the world of 3D commercials. But I soon began longing for more artistic work involving storytelling.
So I started my studies at the HFF in Potsdam facing a very open but also empty desert of freedom. I worked around 3 years on one film project in 3D animation, fighting my doubts about the content I was about to create, before I grabbed the pencil again…


How was ”Abdullah” born?
he film Abdullah was “born” right after I quit the old 3D film project I had been struggling with for 3 years.
I was going for a walk at the “Kanal” in Berlin one day, when I had the idea to visit Abdullah in his new store for vintage glasses in Kreuzberg. I met his father there, and had a longer talk with him. In that moment I somehow felt the need to find out more about my Turkish neighbours, especially about Abdullah himself. Abdullah and I had spent some years playing table soccer in bars as a team, but I had only had a small glimpse of his life. So I asked him whether I could make an interview-based film portraying his life.. he said yes.

How did you finance the short?
Since the movie was made on wrapping paper, the budget of 2000 euros was sufficient. Rooms and equipment were also provided by the HFF. If you don’t have to earn a salary, drawn animation is a rather cheap way of production – in terms of the material, not in terms of time.

How did you make the short (Technically, artistically)?AbdullahPhoto07
The technical side was quite simple… because I had spent so many years in 3D computer animation, I had rubbed off all the edges of perfectionism within my work habits. When you work with 3D applications such as “Maya” or “zBrush”, you spend hours on things which, at the end of the day, turn out to be unnecessary… a painful but educational process when it comes to developing an eye for the key elements of a production.
So I worked with a pen on wrapping paper, making the best use of my available time. I also avoided the digital pipeline as much as possible except for two shots in 3D for camera movement and some added effects in 2D computer animation. The overall production took 11 months, which is a rather short time frame for animation.

Artistically I think one of the most important parts was the interview on which the story is based. It was done in winter in a small room in the back of Abdullah‘s shop, creating a familiar atmosphere. Luckily I didn‘t know his story myself so I was able to listen „with heart“. His openness created 3 hours of beautiful and very authentic material, which I had to cut down to 8 minutes. It was a gift that Abdullah‘s biography has such a clear line and climax and that we knew each other so well.

Where did you hear about Shortcutz?
Rita, one of the managers of “Shortcutz” in Berlin was in contact with the film distribution department at my school.

What are your plans for the short?
It has already been shown on several festivals around Europe and Australia. In May, “Next Generation Short Tiger” has invited me to the film market at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Maybe this will open up some new possibilities for the movie.

What are your next projects?
Right now I’m planning a movie about an old gardening teacher of mine who died a couple of years ago. My memories of his powerful personality and wisdom have stuck with me since elementary school. For some time now I have been curious, wanting to interview the circle of people who were around him, and maybe get a little closer to the core elements of his biography.


For more information about ShortCutz Berlin visit their site: www.shortcutzberlin.wordpress.com

May 5th, 2014 by Christina

Blog contributions welcome

If you’ve been to one of our Lemontown creative meetings, this blog is available for you!

Feel free to share work, events, news, open calls, etc.

Just write Christina at info@lemontown.net to participate.

April 30th, 2014 by Christina

New piece by Christina

I’ve been working again after my maternity leave. This is one of my first pieces, which continues my Shards series.


This piece, like the others in the series, is made of styrofoam coated with papier-mâché and finished with acrylic paint. It differs from older pieces in the application of the papier-mâché; previously I covered each piece individually, but here the papier-mâché covers everything with one skin.

December 6th, 2013 by xagudo

2nd Boddinale: Call for entries


Boddinale is a local film festival in the heart of the creative Berliner Kiez Neukölln. Its name comes from the street where it is hosted, Boddinstrasse and what makes this festival particularly interesting for independent filmmakers is that it takes place during the big boys festival: the Berlinale. What could that mean for you? Well, all the film world has its eyes in Berlin during the Berlinale, so if you have your film playing somewhere, even if it has nothing to do with the official event, if you´re savvy enough you can get attention to your film.

But this is not the ultimate goal of the Boddinale, in the end the purpose is to give independent filmmakers a room to showcase their work. It is an event from the community for the community and it is absolutely free.

So they have an open call for entries until December 31st. Head off to www.boddinale.com to submit!

October 14th, 2013 by Madhvi

Nina and the Kung Fu Adventure

My children’s book has just been published!

Nina’s schoolfriend Lee is in trouble, so she must borrow her aunt’s travelling spice shed and head to Beijing. Together, they set off on a great  adventure involving

a kung fu master

a yellow snake

and a mysterious riddle . . .

nina and the kung fu adventure

Perfect for both boys and girls aged 7 +.

For more info check out the Tamarind Books Blog.

Buy it on Amazon or Book Depository

Like the Facebook Page!

(And if you’d it signed, bring it along to the next Lemontown meeting.)

May 30th, 2013 by Madhvi

Photography by Karin Kunzo: Road trip

Ooh-la-la Lemontowner Karin Kunzo has just been published in Le Journal de la Photographie. We’re so proud!

© Karin Kunzo

© Karin Kunzo

Click here to see more of her images from the Austrailian Outback.

On that note, at yesterday’s Lemontown meeting, a few of us discussed where we would go if we could travel anywhere in the world, like my children’s book character Nina, who has a magical travelling shed!

I’m currently looking for inspiration for the next book, so if you have any great ideas, suggest via the Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed Facebook Page!  Awesome destinations will be collected on Pinterest so check it out!

April 25th, 2013 by Madhvi

Lemontown Meeting 24th April 2013

At yesterday’s Lemontown Meeting, we met film-maker Mehmet. Click here to see his short film.

We also met Karin, who talked a little bit about her photography, women’s toilets and mirrors… check out some of her images here.

And remember that Gallery Weekend is coming up in Berlin! Visit the official site so you can plan your weekend….Have fun!

March 17th, 2013 by Mandrup

Manufactured Landscapes

In our last meeting I talked about the opening scene of a documentary, where they are filming the rows and rows inside a production facility in China. I now found out that it is “Manufactured Landscapes”


You can find the documentary here : documentarystorm.com/manufactured-landscapes/